Nice to look at, tasty to eat.


The gastronomic offer of the island of Krk is famous for its fish, homemade olive oil, lamb meat, wine and spices. Rosemary and laurel give dishes a special flavor. You can savor different fish dishes, musk octopus dishes, anchovies or brodetto with polenta. All dishes are dressed with olive oil and served with a glass of homemade wine. Lamb or mutton, boiled or roasted, is also part of the gastronomic tradition of the island.

Together with home-made olive oil and wine vinegar, herbs and spices found on the island, such as laurel, rosemary, garlic, shallots, salt, parsley, tomatoes, olives, carrots, dominate in the preparation of island delicacies.


Restaurant "Miramare" operates 40 years, and every day trust of our guests deserves, above all, with friendly staff and fresh and quality ingredients. It is located within the hotel and has an internal and two external terraces.

The gastronomic offer of the island Krk including Njivice emerged from the kitchen of old local women, who centuries earlier fed their families with a limited selection of the groceries. However, the dishes were very healthy: lots of fish with olive oil, mixed vegetables with Mediterranean herbs (rosemary, bay leaf ...), quality homemade wine. Today, islands kitchen is considered a gastronomic delight and is highly respected around the world. It is our goal to keep the tradition in the offer of our specialties, and then complement it with variety of fresh fish and seafood. The experience can be complemented with a glass of fine Croatian wine.

Also, we organize weddings, christenings and other celebrations. With our creative cooks, courteous waiters and excellent Mediterranean cuisine, your satisfaction will be complete.